About Me

What’s up? I’m Connie May Wu. I got my middle name because I was born in May (my brother’s middle name is July). I was born in the last year of everyone who’s considered a millennial. After a failed attempt to convince my parents to allow me to be a creative writing major, I majored in Communications with a double minor in Marketing and International business. My favorite foods are sushi, fried chicken, and baguettes. I can only see myself living in 5 cities; London, Seoul, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New York. I like to ask people what year they were born in, instead of how old they are. I’m a PowerPoint nerd and I love making itineraries.

Here's a list of what each page means

  •  New York is a page where I update on my life in New York
  • #CTheWUrld is a video series of all my travels
  • DuoliciousNYC is a separate Instagram I run, about all the food I eat in New York

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